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weird ABS light flicker


I have a weird problem of sorts that leaves me scratching my head.
The car in question is an 89 200q.  When the car accelerates rapidly
(ie. passing trucks going uphill on the highway at say 65~70 mph
sorry no metric, I'm in a rush ) the abs light blinks on for a second
or two or three then goes off with no assist from me (I don't touch the 
ABS switch) at the same time the wife tells me the green light from the 
differential lock switch blinks on and the voltage gauge flickers 
+/-3 V (this is noticeable as my headlights flicker) when the light goes off.
Neat huh.  Well I can feel my charge card getting warmer as I think 
about what could be wrong.

So, anybody feel challenged by this kind of bug?  I'm all ears,  and would 
love to know what to check first.

thanks in advance

jim h