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Re: Bellypan on '87 4000 5cyl?

>> The radiator on my '87 4000 SQ is covered from the top and the side,
<snip snip>
>My 85 4000sq has such a panel.  It and all the others are some sort of 
>material that resembles cardboard (where do the Germans get this cr*p? It's
>used even on Mercedes & BMW and holds up real well -- until you touch it).  
>Probably the original on yours got torn during servicing and not replaced.
>> The rest of the front grille is open as well, letting air in directly in
>> to the engine bay, resulting in excessive outside corrosion of the
>> different engine components due to the salt spray the car picks up in
>> the winter
>> Any comment on the above?
>Mine is open here like yours.  I don't know how blocking it would affect
>the engine bay temerature.  A better strategy might just be to wash the 
>engine bay every spring.

>From what I hear mechanics hate these things and discard them given the 
opportunity.  But I can vouch that the protected bay on my 80 is spotless
compared to the unprotected bay of my 200q (previous owner must have
discarded the panel).  I have no problems with engine bay temps.  It makes
tracking leaks a little easier, though.
>> Thanks, Peter
>> orban@nrcamt.nrc.ca

jim h