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RE: Bellypan on '87 4000 5cyl?

>The radiator on my '87 4000 SQ is covered from the top and the side,
>there are panels that direct the air from the left of the front grille to 
>radiators instead of letting it to diffuse in the engine bay. I wonder if
>is a similar panel on the bottom, something like a partial belly pan,
>closing that airduct from the bottom. I have seen sheetmetal screw holes
>on the bottom of the front valance panel, that would accomodate such
>a panel. Am I missing that panel from my car?

Yes, there should be a panel on the underside of the radiator. When fitting 
replacement panels to my TQC, the new ones I received are a type of rubbery 
plastic material, no more cardboard.

My 86 coupe GT doesn't have a bottom panel on the passenger side of the 
engine compartment.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com