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Re: Bellypan on '87 4000 5cyl?

Yes, your 4000Q should have a panel under the radiator as well. These are
typically made of (ugh) cardboard and deteriorate with age. Even more
typically, some "mechanic" just left it off 'cause it was too much trouble
to reinstall. Your engine cooling and A/C efficiency will be adversely
affected by absence of any of these airflow control panels. FYI, it is
possible, though difficult, to procure nice, sturdy plastic replacements
from Audi. I just bought a set for my '85 ur-Quattro (the same as the 4000Q
with the exception of the top piece) as part of my engine replacement/
upgrade program. Also, there are plastic blocking-panels that should be
behind portions of the grille that are *not* in front of the radiator area.
Perhaps you are missing one of these as well. I think they just snap into
place begind the grille on the 4000Qs, where the auxiliary radiator would
be on an ur-Quattro. I bought by plastic replacements from _Europart_.
I think they were the same price as the cardboard ones, you just gotstah
know to ask for them! They might even be the standard replacement part now,
you you still gottah ask as I bet these are a lot of the cardboard ones
still in warehouses and dealer inventories.