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Re: FW: upgrading to a "performance chip", beware of your purchase

Peter, could you please define "map" sensor? Is this the vacuum/boost
sensor *IN THE COMPUTER*? Also, what is the limit of the stock injection
boost wise? How high can one go on boost with the IA Stage II mod?
Please tell us more about the _BOOST GRAPHIC_! It sounds very interesting.
How does it control the boost on a mechanical WG? Can it be used on an
Audi turo with mechanical WG? How much boost can one run with the
_BOOST GRAHPIC_ on an Audi? I'm running the IA Stage II mod now with
15 PSI/2.0 BAR boost with great success, but, I want more!



ps all the above is revelant to the original ur-Quattro, or the origianl
Audi Quattro Turbo Coupe, an '85 in this case.....