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Re: cheap tires?

>Hairy green toads from Mars made Christopher Ice say:
snip snip>

>Snow tires? Snow tires! SNOW TIRES!!!! Whaddarthose? The VR4's are
>all-season M+S rated, and they get my friends 320HP RWD bimmer through
>the snow admirably. Why change twice a year?

Ah my friend, you don't know what your misssing :-), its true the car 
performs well
with decent M+S in snow, but shoe your steed with some 195-65 HR15 Nokias
and snow isn't a challenge.  Not that I behave irrationally when it snows, but
I have watched as the cars around me skidded into guardrails on an icy overpass
and felt my snows grab at what little traction was there and pull me through.
At that point they were worth every penny.  :-)
>Andrew L. Duane (JOT-7)			duane@zk3.dec.com

>Only my cat shares my opinions, and she loves the snow.
jim h