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Re: Bellypan on '87 4000 5cyl?

> My 85 4000sq has such a panel.  It and all the others are some sort of 
> material that resembles cardboard (where do the Germans get this cr*p? It's
> used even on Mercedes & BMW and holds up real well -- until you touch it).  
> Walter Meares

No kidding.  I wondered if the 4000 had this stuff.  My '87 Syncro seems
pretty well-finished.  And then you see this paper stuff for air shrouding
the front of the radiator, partially held in place by little rubber bungies.
The post for one of the bungies was ripped out, so I replaced it with a
small bolt held to the paper-board with Nyloc nuts and fender washers.

And here I thought VW had gone cheaper than Audi on this.  Well, after
all, the Syncro was only $17,000 new.  Why shouldn't you expect paper parts?