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Re: Total of Audi 80 - Final Chapter

On Mon Aug 29 17:50:08 1994
David_Wagner@dgc.ceo.dg.com wrote:

>4. We've now leased her a '94 90S (pearl), which she *loves*
>   (I actually like it too, which is unusual since it's a slushbox)
>   That V6 is a sweet engine, nice *relatively* low-end torque (peaks
>   at 3000 RPM vs. my QC's 4500... The servotronic is a little weird
>   to get used to, but otherwise the car handles very well and it is
>   *real* solid and *REAL* quiet...

Hi David, I was also mistaken about the vague steering in my '93 90CS
we can attribute it to plain ol' over assist, and not to Servotronic.

The latest Performance Car has a test drive of the A6 wagon and the lack
of steering feedback has been carried into the new products. 

John Greenstreet suggested the lack of Servotronic, and I checked with the
dealer and Audi USA, and the 90 series does not have Servotronic available
in the USA. All the better for us.

My SCCA race car tuning buddy swears that the NASCAR guys use ZF power steering
because the units are compact. He also says that adjusting the amount of assist
is pretty easy. He ordered, and we are now waiting for a catalog. I still need
to confirm that Audi uses ZF power steering units, then I need the ZF part number.


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