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Power roof is dead ... Anybody has a can opener ?

	my power roof is dead since yesterday. Well, it is not
completely dead yet. I can open the rear part (the one that moves upwards),
so the motor must be ok, but when I try to open the roof it moves 
a couple inches and then it stops. It won't go either way.
I tried lubricating as many moving parts as I could find with a regular
silicon spray, but it only helped a little bit (it feel lighter when
you use the manual way of closing it. That's all).
Anybody has any ideas on where to lubricate, with what, or what else
can it be faulty ?
	This is on a AUDI 5000 CS turbo 86.

Thanks a lot


Also, anybody knows where is the turbo oil filter ? I haven't looked
hard, but I can't see it. (I just bought the car recently.).

Evangelos Tozakoglou