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No Subject

Hi group,

I don't know what month it was published(May, June, July?) but
did anybody else see the German magazine called Sport Auto which
had a kind of run-off between tuners cars around a race track.
The cars were grouped by Hp to weight ratio.

They only had the lower powered cars in the issue I saw, and in the
lowest power class I think a tuned BMW 318 won, then there was an
RS2 done by a tuner MSR if I recall correctly that *Killed*
everything in it's class. I thought an RS2 WAS tuned... BY Porsche!!!
So maybe this car was RE-tuned. :-) Perhaps it was only suspension.
An interesting note is that the RS2 was grouped with a Caterham 7
with an unknown (To me) engine. I think the group was 5.5-5.9 kg per HP.

I will try to hunt that magazine down and translate the specifics.
Spent the last few years forgeting German while learning Portugues.
I hate when that happens.


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