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Opinions on 4000Q purchase

I would like to get some opinions on a 4000sq I am thinking of purchasing.

As I have indicated the car is a 87 4000s quattro, and the price is 
CDN$2000, however, there is a bit of a catch.  The car is a trade in at a 
used car dealer.  It is now at a garage because "it won't start, so we 
pushed it there".  It has been at the garage for a month (I spotted it there 
and inquired).  The car is burgundy, has the ronal rims and 158,000 kms on 
the odo.  I would call the condition of the interior and exterior neglected, 
but not a total loss. I looked the exterior of the car over well, the brake 
pads are all very healthy and the exhaust system is in good shape.  All the 
CVs looked good and the engine was covered in the normal grim.  The 
prioriter says the cars turns over but will not start, however, the ignition 
key had been misplaced so he could not demonstate (and I have not driven the 
car).  The car has all options except leather (suits me), obviously, I don't 
know yet how many of the options work, and how well.  I hope to attempt to 
start it next Monday, the key is supposed to have been found by then.

I am looking for a 4000q because I want a good winter car, and dammit, I 
like quattros.  I currently an 87 VW GTI and an 85 VW GTI , so I am somewhat 
familiar with the breed.  I do all "work" my self. I had been looking at 90 
CoupeQs but have decided that I don't want to part with CDN$17,000 for 
100,000km car with no warrantee.

I have found the going price for good condition 4000qs to be about 4500-5500 
$CDN, with 160,000 kms.
I would appreciate any opinions you netters have to offer.