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odometer cable

>  owner(s) had previously messed with the cable.  Anyway I assume the fix
>  to this is a new/used cable with a good connector.  Is routing the cable
>  through the firewall a simple task?  Also what is the procedure for
>  diconnecting it from the transmission?

    Just did this about 2 weeks ago. Yes. All you need is a new cable. You
disconnect the one end from the transmission (it just unscrews) and the
other end from the cluster. The firewall is no problem as the holes are
large enough for everything to pass thru. 

     For some reason, when I was connecting the new one to the cluster, it
would not go in. I wasn't sure why, and I drove home to get some help. I
thought I just needed an extra pair of hands. But when I got home, it went
right in. I guess it just wasn't aligned right and driving it corrected
the problem. Not a hard job at all... 


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