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RE: odometer cable

>>  owner(s) had previously messed with the cable.  Anyway I assume the fix
>>  to this is a new/used cable with a good connector.  Is routing the cable
>>  through the firewall a simple task?  Also what is the procedure for
>>  diconnecting it from the transmission?
>    Just did this about 2 weeks ago. Yes. All you need is a new cable. You
>disconnect the one end from the transmission (it just unscrews) and the
>other end from the cluster. The firewall is no problem as the holes are
>large enough for everything to pass thru.
>               Steve
> * Q-Blue 1.0 [NR] *


    I forgot to mention that the speedometer still works -- odometer doesn't.
   Does the speedometer work off of that same cable?  If so, maybe there is
   something else wrong with the odometer.