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Re: odometer cable

On Aug 26,  3:36pm, Dan Cooke cooke@bng.ge.com wrote:
> Subject: RE: odometer cable
> >>  owner(s) had previously messed with the cable.  Anyway I assume the fix
> >>  to this is a new/used cable with a good connector.  Is routing the cable
> >>  through the firewall a simple task?  Also what is the procedure for
> >>  diconnecting it from the transmission?
> >

>   Steve,
>     I forgot to mention that the speedometer still works -- odometer doesn't.
>    Does the speedometer work off of that same cable?  If so, maybe there is
>    something else wrong with the odometer.
>   Dan
>-- End of excerpt from Dan Cooke cooke@bng.ge.com

I think you have the same problem I've fixed several times....there's
a small worm gear set, driven by the speedo cable, that drives the
odometer.  Due to binding (in my case, from the 30K mile OXS counter),
the spur gear is forced away from the worm gear and no longer makes

The solution is to take out the instrument cluster, then the speedometer.
Using a small screwdriver in the speedo input, you can see which gears need
to mesh and push the gear back firmly into contact with the worm.  This
fixed it for about a year.  Then last week, resetting the trip odometer
pulled it back apart, so I'll be diving back in tomorrow to see if there's
a more permanent fix (krazy glue?).


Alex Silbey