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strut bearing

Thanks for all the help on my previous post: Help: front cv-joints,
strut inserts, A/C,vacum hoses.

It looks like you have to disasemble the strut assembly to change the strut
bearing. Is that true ? If so has anybody done this or should I take the 
strut assembly to someone and have them change the strut bearing, shock etc..



You may not have to remove the entire strut assembly from the car to do
this job, but if you do have these out, then consider changing the strut
bearings as well. These are between the top of the springs and under the
strut tower. They allow the spring/strut assembly to rotate freely. Most
5000s tend to wear these out. The symptom is that you'll hear a rumbling
sound when the steering wheel is turned when the car is stationary and
engine not running. The rumbling sound is really vibrations in the springs
as they rotate jerkily due to the worn strut bearings.