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Watkins Glen (Was:Heat in footwell area)

I wrote : 

>>I have a problem with the car giving off heat in the driver's and front 
>>passenger's footwell area.  I thought this was a stuck heater valve but that
>>seems to be working OK.  It gets vacuum and the valve is in the closed 
>>position but it leaks coolant here so I'm going to replace it anyway.   
>>Strangely, it doesn't seem to be happening all of the time. 
>>Coupled with the non-functional AC, it's not fun on 90+ hot summer days. Any
>>suggestions would be welcome!  My wife is driving the Audi up to Watkin's 
>>Glen this Friday to meet me at the Porsche club driving school so direct 
>>responses will be appreciated since I'm on the digest. 

To which Ernest Wong replied: 

>Is the Porsche driving school a closed session. I'm in Ithaca,NY and it's 
>only 40 minutes away. I could come by and say 'Hi' and see your 951 baby. 
>Assuming the dealer doesn't mess up again tomorrow. They botched the front 
>wheel alignment (now pulls to right) and funny sounds are coming from the 
>engine after timing belt change. Sigh. Dealers. Can't live 'em. Can't live 
>without 'em. 

>Ernest Wong 

I know this is not Audi-related but I figured you're all driving enthusiasts 
so you'd interested anyway.  If you're not, hit 'delete' now.  


Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner but I took off on Thu and Fri to go up
to the Glen for my region's PCA driving school there. 
 Generally, PCA's official policy is "no spectators allowed" mainly due to 
insurance liability.  This rule is not enforced once you don't show up between
7-8 am when they're making people sign the waiver agreement.  So next time, 
feel free to drop by and check us out.  

My 951 'baby' is wearing new shoes - size 17" shod with Dunlop 245/40 and 
255/40.  I had the most fun you can have with your clothes on at Watkins Glen 
this weekend.  Very, very fast and challenging track - don't know if the 
Quattro Club visits there.  The first day, it rained and I apprehensively 
learnt the driving line at reduced speeds.  By Sunday, I got up to 130 on the 
back straight through the esses, then I'd have to slam the Cool Carbons on for
the chicane at about 60.  These brakes really work and are worth every penny!.
 Coming up on slower cars, brake early, apex late, wait for the signal then 
foot to the floor and complete the pass.  Most of the track is done in third 
gear with the exception of the front and back straights which are done in 
fourth (in my 944T).  Some real nasty hairpins require a steady hand on the 
wheel and foot on the throttle, lift here and eat Armco or at least hit the 
'turtles'.  Didn't want to leave with "Blue Armco Racing Stripes" on my black 
'44 :-).   I learnt a lot in 3 days and also drove with my instructor in his 
'88 Turbo S (275HP, racing tires).  What a ride!  

I did have 1 small problem, I blew a swollen radiator hose after my second run
on Saturday but I came prepared and hustled and replaced it in time for my 
next run - the first time I replaced something on my car in record time 
working under stress. 

It's amazing what you can do to these cars on the track and then drive them 
home.  Lots of nice 911 Turbos with the odd Ruf and Kremer thrown in.  I even 
passed the Kremer 911 on 1 run and also was passed by a fast 914-6.  It just 
goes to show that it's not the car but the driver. 

Anyway, looking forward to Lime Rock and Bridgehampton next!  Stay tuned. 

Steve Jagernauth	  	'87 951 Black (Sunny days, Track, AutoX) 
AT&T Global Network Design   	'87 Audi 5000CST 
Bridgewater, NJ