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Heat in footwell area

I have a problem with the car giving off heat in the driver's and front 
passenger's footwell area.  I thought this was a stuck heater valve but that 
seems to be working OK.  It gets vacuum and the valve is in the closed 
position but it leaks coolant here so I'm going to replace it anyway.   
Strangely, it doesn't seem to be happening all of the time.

Coupled with the non-functional AC, it's not fun on 90+ hot summer days.  Any 
suggestions would be welcome!  My wife is driving the Audi up to Watkin's Glen
this Friday to meet me at the Porsche club driving school so direct responses 
will be appreciated since I'm on the digest.

Steve Jagernauth	     '87 951  
AT&T Global Network Design   '87 Audi 5000CST 
Bridgewater, NJ