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Tuneup and Fool economy

	>By the way, what kind of "tune-up" could one do on these cars 
	>('85 5000ST)?  I've put in new (Bosch Platinum) plugs and an new 
	>filter (it may have been easy for some folks, but it was a real 
	>pain in mine ..) but I can't think of anything else that I could 
	>easily do.  If it ain't broke ... etc., I suppose. 

How about: fuel filter, belts, distributor rotor and cap, wires, vacuum hoses,
radiator hoses?  On the hoses/wires, I'd inspect and replace only if 
necessary.  I had 2 vacuum hoses swell and become semi-porous.  When last was 
your timing belt changed?  There have been mixed reviews of the Bosch 
Platinums on this and other lists.  I have the Tri-Electrodes in my Audi.  I 
also recently replaced my brake fluid with Castrol Dot 4 LMA.

On fuel enonomy, my '87 5000CST 5-spd gets 24-25mpg consistently at highways 
speeds of 75-80mph in 5th gear.  I rev hard up to 5k rpm most of the time 
while accelerating in the lower gears so I know it can do better if I baby it.


Steve Jagernauth	     '87 951   
AT&T Global Network Design   '87 Audi 5000CST 
Bridgewater, NJ