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Re: Any good glass sources?

On Sat, 13 Aug 1994, Gregory Scott wrote:

> Hey folks, some miscreant in Cambridge, MA decided he wanted my knapsack
> and decided to use the Heinekan opening method (bottle through the driver's
> side window).  Fortunately nothing else taken or damaged.
> Is anyone aware of a place that's parting out old Coupes or Coupe GTs?
> Mine is an '82, but I suppose the glass was the same up to '88 or so.  A cheap
> glass source would be just as helpful. I'll try Shokan or PAP on Monday.
> Thanks in advance,
> Greg Scott
> gscott@sloan.mit.edu

You should try calling around to the local junk yards. You can have them 
do a computer search for the part. 128 used auto parts seems to have a 
lot of early 80s to mid 80s junked cars.