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Re[4]: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

While we're on the subject...
Last winter my fan's brushes wore out causing the motor to stop
intermittently. I had it replaced. I noticed afterwards that when it was
blowing hot at foot level that a cold draft was coming thru the centre
ducts. I never did take it back to the shop and ask about it, it's been
too long now.... I had a look at a friends '85  Bentley and saw adjustments
for the temp setting and flap. Is the flap adjustment the same for an 87
5000q? The temp setting adjustment is absent on my model.

Gee, I'm stumped.  I don't remember anything about flap adjustments.  My only 
real experience with the system is replacing the heater core, and I hope I 
NEVER have to do that again.

Of course, you can always manually close the center ducts.  In some instances, 
one might even consider cool air a benefit.  I had a "rabbit" (i.e., Golf I) 
convertible many years back that would issue conditioned air from the outboard 
dash vents when the a/c was on, and untempered outside air when the heat was 
on.  Of course, the vents were nearly always closed in the winter.  It was 
nice, though, to barely crack open the driver's side vent and have a weak jet 
of fresh air to breath while keeping the rest of the car toasty.

Just my two cents :-)

Jason Douglas
86 5000S