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Re: Parts Questions

On Mon, 29 Aug 94 11:57:09 EDT
rottenma@ei.dupont.com (Mike Rottenborn) wrote:

>Finally, I think the testimonials on K&N air filters have finally convinced
>me that I should go that route.  Can you recommend a good source for these

I mail ordered mine from New Dimensions, who had it in stock.
Be sure to order the cleaner and K&N filter oil along with it.
The filter comes pre-oiled, but you will at some point need to
clean, and re-oil it, and having the supplies on hand helps
eliminate procrastination.

There is a "Service recharger kit" K&N part #99-5000 which I
did not order, but should have. It comes with the cleaner and oil.

The K&N propaganda says service the filter at 50,000 miles intervals,
and I think this should be accelerated by half at least if you
DO NOT live in a dusty area. If you do, then 10,000 mile intervals
is probably more realistic. I check mine each time I wash the car.
The oil really is a magnet for dirt and mine turns black in about
a month. I only have 6K miles on my Audi total, and ~1K mileson my
new K&N, but I had installed the same filter on three different VWs
covering more than 200K with a single filter.

There is only a layer of gauze impregnated with K&N filter oil
protecting your air intake and it can get loaded up fast if the
air is dusty.

As affective as the filter is, use with caution and keep it clean.


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