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Total of Audi 80 - Final Chapter

Results of insurance hassles, etc:

1. Damage to wife's Audi 80 (t-boning the Trans-am): $11,184.00
2. They totalled it (at my insistence - the engine was involved)
3. They paid us $13,125 for it.
4. We've now leased her a '94 90S (pearl), which she *loves*
   (I actually like it too, which is unusual since it's a slushbox)
   That V6 is a sweet engine, nice *relatively* low-end torque (peaks
   at 3000 RPM vs. my QC's 4500... The servotronic is a little weird
   to get used to, but otherwise the car handles very well and it is
   *real* solid and *REAL* quiet...
5. None of you want the sordid insurance hassle details!

Wear those belts!