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Re: Bridgestone HP41's

[from David Wagner]
>re: Bridgestone HP41's.  I had em on my 87 GTI (as follow-on's to
>Goodrich Comp TA's - a tire dealer convinced me they'd be better).  No
>comparison, the Comp TA's were much better.

I have the Comp TA HR4's for drive wheels (FWD) in winter. They get good
traction in the slushy and mushy stuff. I'm not sure about their dry
weather handling since they are only 185's and I run 205's in the summer.
Yoko AVS! Hard to compare thin all-weather to fat summer tires. Just wish
Bridgestone would make the Comp TA HR's in 185/70/14's again. I would buy
another 2 to replace my 5 year old GT+4's.


Ernest Wong