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Re: Upgrading sound in 4000

> Boston Acoustics makes a nice 3.5" speaker. I've used them before in
> an old Rabbit with good results. They can be obtained at any Cookin'
> or Tweeter store.
> Let me know how they work; Angela's 90Q has crummy front speakers, and
> I'd like to upgrade them.

I just checked my car, I have the Pioneer ts-1018 up front.  It looks to have a
3.5" cone, and is about 3.75" around overall.  This was the key dimension,
as I recall, there's only around 4" across in that dash opening on the 4000, and
you need some space around the edges for the grill to drop back in.  The 1018's
have 2 "ears" on them, and fit nicely in that sort-of-square place, whereas I
believe a conventional 3.5 with a mounting ring around the outside of the cone
won't fit.  I bought these several years ago (more than 4, I'd guess) so I don't
know if they are still available.  They are ok at low volumes, but can't handle
as much power as my not-too-special stereo can put out.

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