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Re: 20Valve questions

> I've seen 20V turbo engines advertised for sale in Autoweek and here
> on the .net. While it is technically possible to install a 10V turbo
> engine or 20V or 20V turbo engine in a 4000Q, it would not be financially
> sensible, due to the extensive mods that would be required for a proper
> engine swap. Financially and otherwise it just makes more sense to
> but another car with the desired engine. Of course, if you are into
> engine swaps or looking for a serious engineering and mechanical
> challenge, it would certainly be a worthy and challenging project!

I'm not sure financial sense and performance car ownership go together
anyway. Or even that owning an Audi quattro is financially sensible.  Or
course, you could ask my wife for a second opinion, she's *sure* its not
sensible. :-) :-)

Anyway, what kind of mods are you talking about?  are they structural changes
to the frame?  or just that a lot of mechanicals have to be swapped to go with
the new engine.  I'm thinking (perhaps naively) that a 4000 is not a lot 
different that coupe quattro of the same year...

> -glen

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