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Re:brake upgrade

[great info on ABS Bosch deleted}
Too bad I don't have ABS. Just right foot and steep learning curve Braking
System. Only time I really had trouble braking in snow was when backing up
on really steep drive I couldn't drive up. Lost it when I jammed on the
brakes panicking as I accelerated backwards. Scary experience. ABS works in
reverse too, right?

>change the "alpha" value in the ABS computer, tho.  (To give you a
>sense of the change, I'm going from the existing 2-piston sliding
>calipers to 4-piston 14 inch Alcon's in the front, with tires to

What size wheels will you be using to clear the 14" brakes. !6" by 7.5"s?
Just curious. 
>So, as you see, all the braking power *DOES* come from your foot (the
>way you put it!); the ABS system is just regulating it.  You can think
>of it as ABS reduces the pressure you applied when it judges that you
>applied too much, then allows you to apply more when the computer
>judges that the car could take more braking.  Very elegant.
Nice system. Practically impossible to retrofit unless I pay a lot. i'm
waiting for a great job that pays and the price of used S4's or '91 200
TQ's to fall.

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And the law of Inertia. :-)
Ernest Wong