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Re: brake upgrade

Ernest Wong sez:
> Too bad I don't have ABS. Just right foot and steep learning curve Braking
> System. Only time I really had trouble braking in snow was when backing up
> on really steep drive I couldn't drive up. Lost it when I jammed on the
> brakes panicking as I accelerated backwards. Scary experience. ABS works in
> reverse too, right?

SLCBS!  I never really thought about the reverse aspect, but I don't
see any reason why it wouldn't.  I'm really quite impressed with the
architecture of the Bosch system, as it is so simple.  It does not
rely on a complicated boost system, proprietary master cylinders, etc.
Perhaps most importantly, it does not require pressure transducers in
the brake fluid circuits.  And yet it can help control yaw during hard
braking on "split coefficient" surfaces while cornering!

> What size wheels will you be using to clear the 14" brakes. !6" by 7.5"s?
> Just curious. 

17" or 18" -- not yet decided.  Porsche pattern lugs. (New hubs.)

> And the law of Inertia. :-)

Yes, I suppose that would have been more apropos!

> Ernest Wong
> esw5@cornell.edu

So when are you going to be in NY?

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