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Re: Fun with sensors...

>Well, to further the cause of "improving life through technology," I did
>some troubleshooting last night.
>Looks like the 4pin temperature sender is bad along with the knock sensor.
>Anyone have experience with either of these puppies as far as who to get
>them from, how they install, etc.?
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Hi Chris et all,
 On my 87 5000S, Temp gauge has been intermittent. Dealer tech looked
accurately guessed it as the 4 pin sensor. It's connected into the end of
the top radiator hose going into the block on my 2.2 liter 5. He suggested
sometimes just unplugging and plugging the sensor in will make it work
again. Tried it a couple of times and broke one of the 2 claws on the
connector plug. (my frustration with trying to get plug off and using a
screwdriver hamfistedly. Ooops! Cooked German plastic parts gets crispy.)
Coupling and coupling the plug into the sensor got it to work a little bit
more often. So I finally tried my trusty Radio Shack contact cleaner. I
took off connector to expose the pins (down facing pins) and sprayed
contact cleaner into the connector opening. (Hoping contact cleaner wasn't
too flammable) 
Well. The temp gauge has been working pretty reliably since I did the
cleaning week and a half ago. I also tried to wipe the pins after I sprayed
it and the rag came out with black streaks. Guess the pins were coated with
gunk. Saved me $85 and took only 10 minutes. Now if I only hadn't hamfisted
the connector claw.:-(
Give it a try if anyone cares to. It might just work for you. 

BTW. I'm going to replace the top radiator hose soon. Should the lower
radiator hose be changed too. It's an 87 and I'll be using VW/Autobahn
coolant. Thanx
Ernest Wong