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Re: Fun with sensors...

>charges about $85 for this. It is the sender for the temperature
>guage as well as tieing in to the "A/C computer" in the car. Who knows
>what it does there? Perhaps info about engine temp to help determine
>cycle time for the compressor? Just a guess.

I have no gage reading and have been getting low coolant/overheat warnings
periodically.  I don't have low coolant, so it must be the overheat warning
and that plus the gage reading come from the same sensor.  Plus, I'm having
some wierd A/C cycling too...again, the same sensor might be causing it.

Read the fault code to find that the knock sensor is either bad or a bad
connection.  Is it common for these to fail?  If they do, what impact will
they have on performance?


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