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Re: 20Valve questions

>Ah, the eternal problem.  I too, would be interested.  In fact, a few years
>ago I spoke with a guy named Mosen Tusi (or Toosi), who runs a business out-
>side Atlanta that specializes in finding/recycling good engines for VWs and
>AUDIs, about doing a project to swap an Audi Turbo into my Syncro.  He was
>willing, even interested, but other demands of my spare change precluded
>following up.  I'll look around and see if I can find the name of his bus, and
>his phone, and post them if I can...

Keep in mind that parts for the 20V motor are $$$$$$.  However, what are
the odds of just putting the 20V *head* on the existing 2.3L block?  I'm
sure there are changes that have to be made for plumbing, cooling,
induction, etc.


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