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Re: 20Valve questions

In message <9408111332.AA29737@alpha.zk3.dec.com>  writes:
> And, for extra credit, this is the biggy: I want a 20Valve engine!
> What are the odds that the engine is a (reasonably) drop-in
> replacement, or preferably that the 20V head is graftable?
> I love my 100, but it's slooooowwwwwww. 20 extra horsies would
> help a lot, and that 20V engine is sweet.
> Help! I can't afford an S4, or even a 200 now!

Ah, the eternal problem.  I too, would be interested.  In fact, a few years
ago I spoke with a guy named Mosen Tusi (or Toosi), who runs a business out-
side Atlanta that specializes in finding/recycling good engines for VWs and 
AUDIs, about doing a project to swap an Audi Turbo into my Syncro.  He was
willing, even interested, but other demands of my spare change precluded
following up.  I'll look around and see if I can find the name of his bus, and 
his phone, and post them if I can...


Bart Chambers
Feline Varmints Spike & Felix
'86 911 Guards Red Cabriolet
'87 White Quantum Syncro (Quattro in Disguise)