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Re: 20Valve questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Christopher Ice say:

> Keep in mind that parts for the 20V motor are $$$$$$.  However, what are
> the odds of just putting the 20V *head* on the existing 2.3L block?  I'm
> sure there are changes that have to be made for plumbing, cooling,
> induction, etc.

That's what I was hoping to do. My block is fine.
>From the top, it looks fairly bolt-on. The air inlets
are the same until after the filter. The fuel system looks
the same, and the cooling is the same externally. What I
worry about is:

 * Oil passages inside the head; do they line up with the 10V block?
 * Engine computer; changes for the new redline and differing
   inlet/exhaust valves.
 * Piston clearance; is the head/valve height the same?
 * Electrical connections; they look the same, though.

Also, is the transmission any different (close ratio?). I know
the clutch is different. These won't directly affect a head-swap.


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