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That 20Valve 90Q

Well, my dealer got that 1990 20Valve 90Q in yesterday, and
Angela and I went down to test drive it. Nice, very nice.

Pearl White, almost every option (except Cold Weather Pkg)
Low miles (45K). Good shape inside and out, except for the
gearshift knob, which was ruined by the owner's jewelry....

My initial impressions: at 45K, the suspension is still tight
and crisp. It seems to be the original stuff underneath. The
tires are dead meat (but will be replaced before purchase).

The steering and brakes are both unusual for Audis. The brakes
are quite stiff, with very little pedal travel. I suspect it
is just new pads breaking in. The steering seems a lot crisper
than my '89 100Q. It's not servotronic; it seems like the
standard (older) steering, with a higher gear ratio.

The engine and tranny are still top-notch. That 20Valve
drivetrain really winds up once you break 4000 RPM.

Overall, we were both quite impressed (she likes the comfy
seats, I like everything else). I guess we're about to become
a 2-Audi household....  Oh, well, it's only money ;-(
At least it may assuage my hunger for an S4 for a while ;-)


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