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Re: flaky dash display

> Jos,
> What you appear to be experiencing is the "Dread Flakey Display Syndrome".
> Don't fret, don't get all nervous and jerky.  (I used to be nervous and jerky
> but I got over being nervous.)
> What you most likely have is some dirty connections between your instrument 
> cluster and your wiring harness(es).  The solution?  Remove your instrument 
> cluster, disconnect all wiring harness connectors.  Open the back of the
> cluster and clean the connector pins thus exposed.  Then put everything back 
> the way it was.  One caution, be sure the connectors inside the cluster are
> properly seated.  There is enough slop (at least in mine) for them to be 
> mismated if you are careless.
> Have fun, the job will take maybe an hour if you have to sorta feel your way.
> Removing the steering wheel is part of the job.

It is not necessary to remove the wheel, although access would
probably easier if done.

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