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Re: flaky dash display

> Hello Folks,
> This morning upon startup of my '89 100Q, instead of getting the reassuring
> "OK" from the instrument cluster display, all I saw were four horizontal
> white lines -- top two closely spaced, bottom two widely spaced.  I cut the
> ignition and tried again, with the same result.
> It's a cool (45F) morning, and humidity is low;  never saw this behaviour
> before, neither at sub-zero temps, nor in high humidity.  Is my computer
> getting dislexic. or...?
> Any suggestions/war stories from others having seen this greatly appreciated,
> Jos

I had this happen to my '90 100 TQ. Tapping on the dash and starting
again made it disappear, only to come back the next day.

I pulled the instrument cluster (lots of connectors!) and opened it up
in the back. The back panel has a lot of logic that is connected to
the display and the various instrument through a couple of connectors,
and it seems that the pins in this connector may suffer from
corrosion. When I assembled it again it worked ok and has done so
since then.