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Re: Questions about an '84 5000

> > Yes. It runs at low speed whenever the A/C is on. The fan is three speed.
> I've got a problem with the fan on my 5000CS '86. It never runs at low speed.
> It runs only at high speed which is stage 3. Stage 1 relay by Bentley is
> located on main fuse/relay panel under the hood near the firewall. I've tried
> to trace the wire from the fan to the ballast resistors and then to this
> relay, but couldn't find these ballast resistors. 
> 	Does anybody know where these ballast resistors are located ?
> Vladimir 

It's screwed to the frame just in front and below the radiator. It is L
shaped and made of aluminum, approx 200 mm long, with three
connectors. I've seen both blue and gold colored. It can be pretty
tricky to get at it with all the A/C gadgets in place.

Good luck.

BTW, what is the best/cheapest source of Bentley manuals? Last summer,
while in Ft. Lauderdale, I checked the local Audi dealer and they
wanted $180 for a set of three manuals. I find this a little steep as
I'm in no real need for it (yet).

My car is a 1990 100 TQ with most of the available gadgets. I have
replaced the PROM and waste gate spring, which raised the boost
pressure from 0.4 bar to 1.0. It should be about 210 - 220 hp,
compared to the standard 165. The only ill effect I've noticed is the
changed torque curve, which confuses the cruise control. The car
responds much faster which tends to make the speed oscillate going

A while back I read in rec.autos.vw about a guy that was contemplating
putting a 20V turbo engine in an 80. He could buy a used engine for
$500, including accessories! If anyone finds something like this I'd
be most interested in hearing about it.

How much will a PROM replacement yield in a 20V T engine?