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Re: Questions about an '84 5000

The ballast resistor is located behind the radiator bolted to the frame. You
have to remove the top plastic shroud thingie to see it (2-3 screws).  The
resistor is pretty big; probably 6"x4". It looks like an aluminum plate with 3
terminals coming out of it.  AS I said, it's bolted to the frame and is easy to
get to.

I hade the same fan speed problem you have, and replacing the resistor fixed
the problem.

Maynard, MA

>> Yes. It runs at low speed whenever the A/C is on. The fan is three speed.
>I've got a problem with the fan on my 5000CS '86. It never runs at low speed.
>It runs only at high speed which is stage 3. Stage 1 relay by Bentley is
>located on main fuse/relay panel under the hood near the firewall. I've tried
>to trace the wire from the fan to the ballast resistors and then to this
>relay, but couldn't find these ballast resistors. 
>	Does anybody know where these ballast resistors are located ?