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RE: A/C controller on the blink

On two 5000's I've seen (one of them mine), with digital climate control,
wierd/flakey behavior can be traced to the connector at the rear of the A/C
control head (this is the thing in the dash that has the buttons).  Carefully
remove the plastic trim piece and then remove the mounting screws. Pull the
controller out of the dash (it looks like a small radio). There is a big
connector at the back that has to be unclipped to remove. Undo it and remove
the controller.  Open the controller and use an eraser to clean all of the the
connector contacts on the edge of the circuit board.  I've seen corrosion and
metal migration between pins. If this doesn't work, your controller is probably
dead, especially if the display doesn't work.

These A/C systems aren't that hard to fix. I've had problems with mine a few
times, but it wasn't too tuff to track down the cause.

good luck,

DEC Maynard, MA

<	Alas, my A/C woes never seem to disappear completely.  I did little
<	more than locate the vent flap actuator last weekend, and the air
<	conditioning started to work perfectly for the first time since I
<	bought the car ('85 5000ST).  I was still not through congratulating
<	myself on my serendipity when the OFF, AUTO, WARMER, OUTSIDE TEMP, and
<	both defrost buttons suddenly stopped responding (no indicator light,
<	no nothing).  A/C still works fine (luckily the temperature is
<	set at a tolerable 65 F), but I can only use ECON, HI and LO.
<	Anyone seen this behavior before?  If so, I'd appreciate pointers.
<	I'm off to der Vaterland tomorrow: hope to see some unusual cars and
<	maybe even rent something fun.  (And yes, the D&W catalog for you,
<	Dave).
<	-Arun