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Updated Rosters Available Soon

Hi All,

Updated versions of the Quattro Roster files are now on the quattro mail 
server and may be obtained by sending the following commands to:


The commands are to be in the *TEXT* portion of the message.

	get quattro long_roster

	get quattro short_roster

The "end" portion of the message prevents majordomo from trying to execute
the "commands" of your .sig file

The commands may be combined in a single request as:

	get quattro long_roster
	get quattro short_roster

The long_roster file is somewhat over 55K the short version is about 5K in
length.  This method of distribution is being used to minimize the bandwidth
required.  Those who want the information will get it while those who don't

If you have difficulties with majordomo, send me direct e-mail and I will
send you the files manually.  I may be a bit slow in responding, but...

If you are not in the roster and wish to be included in the next edition,
send me your info (preferably in the format of the long version of the
roster) and I will see that it is included in the next edition in a month
or so.

It will take a little while for Dan to get the new versions in place on the
server, so give him some time before you jump in with your requests for 

Happy motoring,

Bob  __________________________________________________      ^_____^
    | Robert L. (Bob) Myers  <RMyers@WVNVMS.WVNET.EDU> |    /       \
    |__________________________________________________|   (  O _ O  )
            Love M'Audi - Love M'Bimmer.                    \  (_)  /
       Siberian Huskies are better than either!              |  U  |