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Re: Dragging brakes

> <<prelude to the problem>>
> I have noticed that after 15 - 20 minutes of driving (engine temperature at
> normal warmed up range), the brake master cylinder gets very hot - I can
> barely keep my fingers on it for 2 or 3 seconds. The ABS unit, the hydraulic
> pump and the hydraulic fluid reservoir also get quite hot. I am wondering if
> this is normal. Could others with similar cars please check and tell me if
> these components get hot within 15 - 20 minutes of driving a cold engine?

You might consider the ABS control unit and/or the ABS pump as well as the
dealer mentioned master cylinder. The ABS pump could be turning on
periodically in the mistaken idea that it is needed. Not up on all the
data here but... (I'll speak like I know though) The pump makes a lot
of noise when it gets used. The control unit turns it on and then uses
hydraulic valves to control flow to each wheel. Try your ABS on some loose
material and see what happens. Looks to me that the control unit test is
too involved to be performed with a voltmeter, the dealer should be able to
test it for you.

I think temps in the area you describe can all be caused by the fan. Check
if you can place your palm on the driver's side front fender in this
condition. I can't on mine. All the other items you mention are also too
hot to handle. Which leads to the master cylinder and that it may be

Looks like you'll have more checking to do.

BTW, did you use the 11S fluid in the hydraulic system?

--Bob Kunz