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Re: Dragging brakes

> > BTW, did you use the 11S fluid in the hydraulic system?
> I used Pentosin CHF 7.1 - ordered it from PAP at $9.99 a litre. What is
> 11S? I've used Pentosin for 2 years now (white can with green lettering).
> The fluid itself is clear with a slight greenish tinge to it. The can says
> "mineral hydraulic fluid". I've been told by PAP and a local auto parts
> store that this is correct fluid for Audis. 
I had two choices for Pentosin at the local German parts store. (Should
have bought it from PAP - oh, well.) The 11s fluid has a higher temp
rating at 140 degrees C vs. 100 degrees C for the 7.1s. It is also labeled
"synthetic" but still has mineral oil for the base. Hydrocarbons listed
on the can are slightly different than 7.1s. It too is clear with a green
tint. Comes in the same type of can but is bright green rather than white.
With your heat problem, the higher temp rating may be what you need. Could
the hydraulic fluid be breaking down or getting too thin?

I was told that pre 1984 model year correct fluid is 7.1s. 1984 and newer
is 11s. I put 11s in my '86 5000s wagon (non-turbo).

Bob Kunz