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Re: Dragging brakes

> I would doubt that the ABS unit is a problem; it does not actually
> generate any pressure (its just a set of three position valves), and
> if it failed in the "HOLD" valve position, you would experience
> greatly diminished brake performance.
> -frank

I'm gonna have to look at this one. Whenever ABS kicks in on mine, the
pedal comes back up in addition to pulsing. There is a load motor type
noise that I assumed was some sort of pump since if the system is
pulsing the brakes it has to get the pressure from some place and it's
not going to come from my foot. I wouldn't think the hydraulic system 
provides this, but maybe it does. What's the real way these systems
work? I have the Bosch system in my '86 5000s (first option year for the
non-turbo cars).

Bob Kunz