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Re: Fun with sensors...

> Well, to further the cause of "improving life through technology," I did
> some troubleshooting last night.
> Looks like the 4pin temperature sender is bad along with the knock sensor.
> Anyone have experience with either of these puppies as far as who to get
> them from, how they install, etc.?
> Chris

I've replaced this 4 pin sender three times on my '86 5000s. Your '88
90 quattro probably has the same one. Dealer part. Maybe PAP? Dealer
charges about $85 for this. It is the sender for the temperature
guage as well as tieing in to the "A/C computer" in the car. Who knows
what it does there? Perhaps info about engine temp to help determine
cycle time for the compressor? Just a guess.

Mine fails periodically and Audi has a 12 month warranty on electrical
parts. Mine fails at about 2 years and guess what? The car is 9 years
old now and is on it's fourth sender.

I've not worried about the minor loss of coolant when replacing these. 
Just be ready with the new one when the old one comes out.

--Bob Kunz