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Re: Dragging brakes

> You might consider the ABS control unit and/or the ABS pump as well as the
> dealer mentioned master cylinder. The ABS pump could be turning on
> periodically in the mistaken idea that it is needed. Not up on all the
> data here but...
I've tried shutting of the ABS when the problem occurs but the brakes
don't release. I figured that if the ABS unit was causing build up of pressure,
then shutting it off should relieve it but it didn't seem to help. The
Bentley manual says that the ABS unit goes through  a self-diagnostic mode
each time the car is started and the ABS light turns off to indicate
everything is fine. This checks out fine on my car. Bentley also mentions
a "relief valve" in the ABS unit. I wonder what it does and whether it
is intended to relieve back-pressure but isn't working.

> BTW, did you use the 11S fluid in the hydraulic system?

I used Pentosin CHF 7.1 - ordered it from PAP at $9.99 a litre. What is
11S? I've used Pentosin for 2 years now (white can with green lettering).
The fluid itself is clear with a slight greenish tinge to it. The can says
"mineral hydraulic fluid". I've been told by PAP and a local auto parts
store that this is correct fluid for Audis.