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Re: 84' Quattro

>From glen
>The '84s *might* have been the last year before the hot-dipped galvi
>bodies were introduced. The '84 4000Qs ahve the same engine and

I was under the impression galvanizing started in '88.  I have an '85 4000 
series sales brochure  (includes quattro & Coupe GT) but makes no mention of 
galvanizing (I'll double check tonight). Ned Ritchy told me he was looking 
for an '87 4000 Q because that was the year they started it. I have an '87 
and none of my literature mentions galvanized body parts.  Anyone know for 
sure when galvanization started? I do remember Audi had better rust 
warranties in '87 at least. 

>drivetrain as the 85-87 4000Qs, but the 84s are geared lower, 1:4.11 in
>the '84 vs 1:3.90 in the '85-87 4000Qs. The '84s do not have the

The '85 sales brochure for the 4000 quattro lists the following gear ratios:

1  3.6
2  2.13
3  1.46 
4  1.07
5  0.83

Final drive is shown at 4.11

I road tested my car in each gear to check these ratios and found each was 
correct except for 5th gear, at sometime, or at least in my car, 5th is a 
0.78 ratio. (about 22mph/1000rpm) I even had this confirmed with radar a few 
years ago. :(

>"ground effects" stuff, no power windows in back, no heated seats
>and have the older-style interior and headlight/tail lights/grille, etc.
>The '84 is also about 180 Lbs lights vs the '85-87s. All are 2.2L fives
>with 115 HP, 5-into-3-into-1 header setups and 2 1/4" exhausts, rear
>discs, etc.

I might add that the 85-87 models according to a R&T? article (~'85) also 
have more sound insulation. 

Bruce Bell