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Re: 84' Quattro

Hairy green toads from Mars made Bruce Bell say:
> >From glen
> >
> >The '84s *might* have been the last year before the hot-dipped galvi
> >bodies were introduced. The '84 4000Qs ahve the same engine and
> I was under the impression galvanizing started in '88.  I have an '85 4000 
> series sales brochure  (includes quattro & Coupe GT) but makes no mention of 
> galvanizing (I'll double check tonight). Ned Ritchy told me he was looking 
> for an '87 4000 Q because that was the year they started it. I have an '87 
> and none of my literature mentions galvanized body parts.  Anyone know for 
> sure when galvanization started?

I can't speak for Audi, but VW *definitely* started galvanizing in '85.
My '85 Golf (both of them), took great pains to say that every VW was
hot-dip galvanized.

I assume that if VW was doing it, so was Audi.


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