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Re: 84' Quattro

I wonder about the 4.11 in the sales brochure for the '85 Q, these things
can often "leak out" with obsolete data, last year's numbers, etc. The
best and only way to know for sure is to measure it. It's easy to
measure the diff ratio, just lift both rear wheels, lock the diffs,
trans in neutral, rotate the driveshaft by hand and count the revs
for one rev of the rear wheels. Obsolete data and/or a 3.9 vs 4.11
final drive might account for your observed speed at x RPM.....

I think, from memory, the '85 was the first year of the galvi bodies
and the 10-year rust warranty.

Yep, 85-87 4000Qs vs the '84 4000Qs did have more sound deadning,
as well as other upgrades I'm sure I missed.....