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RE: 20V head upgrade

Yes, I've seen Kemp's 4000 Quattro Turbo at the Maine Forest Pro Rally the
past 2 years and at the Mt. Washington Hillclimb the past 3 of 4 years
or so. It definitely *IS* a 4000 Q with a turbo engine. It even has one
of the Pro-Rally ur-Quattro grilles witht only two headlights, a big
bulge that sticks out from the center section of the grille and the
massive intercooler that fits behind it. A very nice *BIG BUCKS* engine
swap with all the way-cool Pro-Rally engine stuff. The way it should be done
if one were to tackle this kind of project. Very nice. I'd love to know
why he didn't build a ur-Quattro instead.....perhaps the classing in
Pro-Rally is more favorable to the 4000 Q.....pure speculation here.....