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RE: 20V head upgrade

>Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com
>I've heard that Ned at IA bought a 20V turbo engine and is planning to 
>install it in a 4000 quattro. He is looking for a white 4000Q with 
>leather(probably to match his 5000 TQ with a 20V turbo installed).
>Bruce, chime in here with what you know.

OK. But first I have a comment about grafting a 20v head from a 90Q onto the 
10v block in Andrew's 100Q. The 100Q has the 130hp engine, with 10:1 CR. The 
pistons in this engine are dished, i.e. part of the combustion chamber is in 
the piston. The 20v engine has a 10.3: CR and the pistons are flat with the 
exception of a groove cut into the top for intake valve clearance. The 
combustion chamber is almost completely located in the head. This means, if 
you bolt on the head you will lose compression, my *rough* guess is that you 
will be left with about an 8.3:1CR. You will also run the danger of crashing 
an intake valve since your pistons are full height around the circumference. 
Hence, you will need to either change pistons, or drop in the whole engine.   

A less expensive way to get a little more performance from your 10v is to 
set the initial advance at 12 deg. BTDC to get your knock sensing computer 
more involved. Getting a mild Schrick cam (the 268) will make it a little 
softer on the bottom end, but should get you into the 145-148 hp range. 
The Quattro Club event at Second Creek Raceway in Denver was in the words of 
my 16 year old son and co-diver "the best weekend in my whole life" Yea, and 
I felt a lot like 16 too that weekend.  It was incredible fun! It's a great 
way to meet fellow quattroteers, share stories and put the world behind you 
for a few hours.  
Well, one of these stories is Ned Ritchie of Intended acceleration fame. His 
car is an 86 5000Q with a 350hp 20 valve.  A ride in this car is not for the 
breathing impaired - 10 lbs/hp is impressive.  His car generates 17.5psi at 
2800 rpm (he demonstrated this to me by holding the brake in third gear) and 
he said that when he changes the chip and runs racing gas 22 psi and 400hp 
is on tap!  This is a trick engine in terms of the exhaust manifold he made 
but it is the 9.3:1 CR 20 valve. He said he only tried an all out 0-60 once 
as his clutch fried on the way to a 4.9 sec. run.

After the event several of us were having dinner together and he asked if I 
would keep an eye open for a 4000CSQ. he definatly wants a white '87 (he 
thinks that is when the galvanized bodys started) and prefers leather seats. 
(I asked the person who posted the '87 for sale on the net to give Ned a 
call since he is not on the net) Ned's intent is to have a 400hp 4000 
quattro!  Hmmmm would that be a TSQ (turbo sedan quattro)?

Bruce Bell