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Re: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

>Arun wrote:
>> 	I'm beginning to suspect that my A/C suffers from a combination
>> 	of problems.  It seems to operate in three distinct modes:
>[stuff deleted]
>>From your description, it seems like the servo motor that controls the
>the mixer valve is the culprit. But again, Bentley is your best bet.
>> 	One of these days, I'll buy the Bentley manual and fix the infernal
>> 	(literally!) thing ...
>PAP has a summer special sale going on until Aug 31. One of the items on
>sale is the 84-88 5000 Bentley manual set for $115 (I think). Regular price is
>around $150. Be fore-warned that if you've owned factory service manuals
>for other cars, Bentley just won't measure up to them. But the two volume set
>is indispensable for certain information that other manuals don't have.
>If you do most of the work on the car yourself, the cost of the manuals
>will be recovered in saved repair costs very quickly.

Doesn't work when buying used vehicles, but whenever I purchase new, I 
insist on the documentation being included.  

Bruce Bell